Passion for Pianos

I love pianos! I love playing the piano! My passion and love spilled over and because of that I began teaching piano (now retired) for 25 years. I’ve witnessed how this magnificent creature has changed so many people's lives and the joy it brought to them and to their families. It was amazing to watch at times. Miracles even happened. Over the years I have been asked countless times, “What got you started? How old were you when you began? What made you fall in love with playing the piano? Were you influenced by anyone?” When I think back to my earlier years, and being only 11 when I first started lessons- I just… Smile!

My deep interest in this elegant musical instrument started when I was very young. I remember that old Spinet piano sitting in my mothers living room, with the green wallpaper in the background, and all her musical books and sheet music spread across it. My mother was the strongest example who demonstrated a deep love and passion for the piano. She would play all of the time; especially during Christmas. My brothers and I would sing with her at times, and it was a very happy and special moment for me. She brought the love and joy for music and the piano into our home! Because of my mother's ongoing support, she showed me over the years to pursue the piano, I dedicated and named my piano business in her honor. Although she has passed away, I can still see and hear her say, "Breaker, Breaker, 1-9 this is Dusty Rose.......over!" The name "Dusty Rose" was my mother's CB handle back in the day. She was quite proud of it!

My older brother played the piano as well and I thought he was great at it! He could do anything and everything!! I wanted to be just like him. Then there was my Elementary School music teacher- I swear she could play anything! I loved the song “My Tall Silk Hat.” Music Day was the best! And, finally- a classmate I grew up with who was my age. He played all the music for our 3rd grade Christmas program. I sang, and I sang! I will never forget his performance on the piano. He was an inspiration to me at a tender age.

Isn’t it amazing the people who influence our lives for the better? Although the years have passed, I've never forgotten those feelings I felt when I heard a piano play. In general, I love to hear others play on the piano. I can sit and listen to them for hours. I love pianos! I love all different shapes, sizes and colors! I love how they sound! I love how they make me feel!

The love for the piano is my obsession. It is one of the greatest gifts I have. It is my escape from the world, and it has helped me through the best and worst times of my life. When I play everything melts away and it’s just me and my piano.

Playing the piano and understanding it are two different things. How it works. How it functions. How it operates. It has always been a mystery to me, one I've always wondered about. So, I decided to solve that mystery and invested my time and money enrolling in Piano Technician classes. My mentor -was and is- simply the best! Perhaps I am one-sided on that, but to me his knowledge is nothing I've seen before. What I have learned and gained from him is indescribable. Priceless. It takes a special person to be so patient in teaching, and training another. His magnitude of discipline and passion in this art and his love for his own profession, Piano Technician, is untouchable.

As I press forward in this new journey of mine with the “mystery” solved, my head full of knowledge and a feeling of pride- I thank all of those people who have impacted my life in a very positive way. I hope the love I have for the piano, and the knowledge I have gained, can bring the love to those who play, are deciding to play, or are in need of a great piano tuning and/or repair.

Fall in love with your piano!

- You can’t go wrong -